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About Us:
C.H. Wilson Transport, Inc.

Welcome to C.H. Wilson Transport, Inc! C.H. Wilson Transport, Inc (CHW) was established in 1960 by Clarence Wilson. In 1987, Dennis and Cindy Rippentrop purchased CHW from Melvin Porter. Ownership today is held by Cindy and her 5 children with 4 children actively involved in the day to day operations.

Over the last few years, we have worked to make CHW stand apart from other trucking companies. The dedication that has been brought to this company by its drivers and office personnel has helped us see considerable growth. It is this dedication to excellence that we take an enormous amount of pride in conveying to our customers. It is this dedication that has set us apart from other companies and has helped us create a new standard in the industry.

Our customers realize that when they deal with CHW they are dealing with a company that will give them the service that they need and want. Our drivers understand that in order to give the type of service that the customer requires; it sometimes takes something extra and they are willing to give it. With the right people behind the company and the wheels of our trucks, we know that the future holds growth and stability for all of our employees.

The management staff at CHW wants you to know that the future is bright for our company and if we are to continue to grow, it is going to take an effort on everyone’s part. The continued effort, on the part of our drivers, to provide the excellent service that our customers have become accustomed to is essential to our growth. The future depends on our ability to maintain the high standards that we have established that have built this company so far.

Our Corporate Office is located 3 miles South of Charles City, IA. From here we dispatch our drivers and perform the training for all employees and owner operators. Also from this location we provide service to the upper Midwest including Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.