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Koch Fertilizer

Koch Fertilizer COVID-19 Update: March 17March 17, 2020
In the midst of the continued uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that Koch Fertilizer facilities continue to follow normal loading hours.
Furthermore, our team is taking steps to ensure your safety and that of our employees, their families and their communities.
Some of these measures include:Increasing the frequency of sanitizing frequent touch points within the facility, such as staging panels, doorknobs, light switches and coffee potsIncreasing the frequency of sanitizing restrooms and common areasMaking available hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for use  Additionally, we ask all visitors and employees to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing, good hygiene and handwashing.
Do not enter our site if:You, anyone in your household, or someone you’re caring for has been diagnosed or in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) You have had a fever (temperature above 100.4 degrees F) within the last 24 hours You have any acute respiratory illness symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, fatigue or malaise Do limit movement and contact with others at our site:Drivers must use the LoadView™ app to check in. If LoadView assistance is needed,During business hours: Call an operatorAfter-hours: Call our LoadView support team for any LoadView issues at 580-249-4832We ask drivers to limit time out of their trucksDrivers may leave their cabs for loading UAN, NH3 or DEFUrea drivers may leave to tarp their hoppersContact with other drivers or KF employees should be minimalKF employees may keep a designated distance from all visitors. Please do not be offended. Please note, these are additional safety measures and do not replace existing safety protocols.
Thank you for understanding and your cooperation. We will keep you updated to any changes to this protocol. 


Attention Drivers:
In an effort to increase awareness and minimize the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as much as possible, we are taking extra precautions to protect personnel and drivers in the Terminal. With that in mind, until further notice, please call the Terminal Operator regarding any loading issues rather than entering the office and consulting the facility personnel. The terminal personnel will respond accordingly, based on the need. The goal is to minimize direct contact with all persons as much as possible, in this time, to minimize any potential viral spreading. These extra precautions to reduce face-to-face interactions, along with the increase in cleaning measures will help to keep everyone safer.
When calling the Terminal Operator with any issues at the rack, remember, phone usage is not permitted within the rack, please step out of the rack prior to phone usage. If face-to-face interaction is necessary while onsite, please maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet between any other person. As you retrieve bill of ladings, please allow others in the shack to exit before proceeding in yourself. If delivering product to the terminal, please use any available mailboxes in the process areas instead of taking the document into the office. If you need to speak with terminal personnel, please call the office with any issues. Terminal Operators will periodically wipe down card readers, AccuLoads, driver’s shacks, and facility equipment. The use of hand protection is also encouraged for the AccuLoads, signature pad, and printer. DO NOT use your product gloves on the AccuLoads, signature pad, or printer – use clean gloves!
Thank you for your understanding

Buckeye Propane Terminals

To protect Buckeye Terminal Operators’ and Carrier Truck Drivers’ health and safety, Buckeye has implemented social distancing practices as recommended by government agencies.

· Only Buckeye Terminal Operators and Truck Drivers who are healthy and have no symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) should conduct business at the terminal. Stay home if you are sick.

· Buckeye Terminal Operators and Carrier Truck Drivers should attempt to maintain six (6) feet of distance when conducting activities at the terminal.

· All Propane Trailer VK Updates and ACME Testing must be scheduled in advance until further notice. This displays as “vapor tightness expired” for the drivers at the terminal.

Due to the close personal interaction required that could spread the Coronavirus, Buckeye will be limiting its driver training and carding process for new truck drivers. Buckeye will only be training and carding new truck drivers in urgent, pre-approved situations. To obtain pre-approval, Carriers must send a written (email) request with a thorough explanation of the urgent need to train and card a new driver to the Terminal’s Lead Terminal Operator, who will submit the request to Buckeye Management for review and response.

Buckeye will make best efforts to continue retraining of existing drivers whose access has expired due to a period of inactivity, following social distancing practices, as there is less close personal interaction required.

Buckeye holds the health and safety of its employees, its customers, and the communities we serve as a priority. Your assistance and support is very important in implementing social distancing and disrupting the transmission of the Coronavirus. Buckeye will inform its Carriers and Truck Drivers when conditions change.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Flint Hills Resources

Dear valued carrier,

As you are probably aware, an outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has recently developed in the United States and has been identified as a potential global health threat by the World Health Organization.

As a result, Flint Hills Resources (FHR) has implemented new safety procedures.

We ask that you NOT enter our site if you have:

  • Had contact with someone who is sick or has been exposed to COVID-19.

  • Or are currently having flu like symptoms including fever, chills, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath.

In addition, we are implementing new safety procedures that limit movement at our sites.

  • Drivers are asked to stay in the cab of their truck when in the staging area waiting to enter the loading/unloading bay.

  • Contact time with FHR Terminal Operators and other drivers should be on an as needed basis as required for loading/unloading procedures.

    • As always, drivers are to remain in your designated loading bay during loading.

  • Limit access to designated driver restrooms, BOL area, and loading/unloading bays only.

  • Our employees may keep a distance from drivers and other external visitors. We will be suspending the practice of shaking hands and any other greetings that involve contact with another person. Please don’t be offended.

Specific procedure details might differ from site to site.

FHR desires to continue to serve our customers and hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to Safety. In order to succeed at achieving these objectives it takes cooperation and teamwork among all individuals utilizing the facility to include FHR Terminal Operators and drivers alike.

Again, we’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.